Airbus Fly Your Ideas digital platform is open for ideas.

With over 2,000 already registered, students can now access to the purpose-built digital competition platform under in order to upload their idea in Round 1 of the competition.

Airbus launched the sixth Fly Your Ideas competition in June 2018 and the next generation of innovators can now submit their proposals tackling one of the six challenges set out by Airbus (Electrification, Data Services, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality). Students need to fill an online questionnaire about their idea, highlighting the technology behind it, market analysis, originality, added value and potential obstacles. In order to visualize the idea, the teams must also submit a simple sketch.

The Round 1 submission phase ends on 16 November 2018 and is followed by an online assessment where a team of Airbus specialists recruited from across the business will review and evaluate all submitted ideas. The live final of Fly Your Ideas will be held in 2019, where students will have the opportunity to showcase their ideas to an audience of industry experts.

Fly Your Ideas is a global competition for universities and students from all over the world to innovate for the future of aerospace, including Commercial, Defence & Space and Helicopters. Airbus is seeking ideas that could change aerospace in the decades to come and create a safer, cleaner and better-connected world. The competition is an opportunity for students to build valuable employment skills including teamwork, project management and presentation skills and to apply their classroom learning to real-world challenges. As well as joining Airbus on site to further develop their ideas, up to six finalist teams will compete to share a prize fund of € 45,000 and the chance to take their idea forward within the industry.

Since the competition launched in 2008, over 20,000 students from more than 650 universities in over 100 countries have been involved. Since 2012, the competition has been supported by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO underlines the value of this partnership. "Fly Your Ideas is an inspirational endeavour for students around the world and UNESCO is proud to be a part of this initiative. The new challenges will allow students to think outside the box and come up with sustainable solutions for global problems beyond aerospace - exactly what the world needs from our future generations!”

To find more about Airbus Fly your Ideas, visit our website  which now has  additional features such as a live social media wall featuring the latest Fly Your Ideas news and updates as well as new “People and Jobs” and “Future of Flight” pages focusing on digitally oriented profiles and careers as well as Innovation at Airbus. Additionally join the Facebook community at




Fly Your Ideas 2019 Challenges

1.   ELECTRIFICATION - How can we fly further, longer and cleaner by developing embedded electrical energy systems?

2.   DATA SERVICES - What innovative applications and services can you create based on Airbus data?

3.   CYBER SECURITY - How can we securely and seamlessly authenticate travellers while minimising the impact on passengers, airport security and airlines?

4.   INTERNET OF THINGS - How can the power of IoT revolutionise the passenger experience or improve collaboration in the aerospace industry?

5.   ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - In the future of aerospace or industrial manufacturing, how can we use AI to identify opportunities or entirely new business models?

6.   MIXED REALITY - How can the aerospace industry put Apple and Google’s mass market Mixed Reality apps to work?

What happens next?

  • Teams of three to four students will submit their Round 1 ideas from September to mid-November 2018.
  • Airbus specialists will assess the ideas and select the 50 top teams to go through to Round 2.
  • These teams will have three months to develop their idea further with support from Airbus mentors and specialists before a second assessment, where up to six teams will be selected for the final.

Before pitching to a jury of industry experts, the finalist teams will be invited to work in Airbus facilities and develop their proposals with our innovation and digital specialists