Leading researchers target next generation Computational Fluid Dynamics

Airbus has signed a partnership with two leading European Research facilities, ONERA (French Aerospace Research Center) and DLR (German Aerospace Center) during an official ceremony at Paris Air Show. The partnership was signed by Charles Champion (Executive Vice-President Engineering Airbus),  Thierry Michal (ONERA General Technical Director) and  Professor Rolf Henke (DLR Executive Board Member for Aeronautics Research).

The cooperation will focus on the development of new common Computational Fluid Dynamics capabilities for flow prediction and will offer a common platform for the European Research Community and all Airbus divisions.

Airbus, ONERA and DLR also commit to deploying a strong common development and integration team with the capability to deliver tested and industry ready code containing the latest state of the art features relevant to aeronautics. This advanced technology will play a key role in the development of new generation aircraft.

“We are extremely proud to enter into this partnership with ONERA and DLR. Bringing the world-class Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) know-how ‎of both Research entities into a common next generation code will not only provide us with a technological edge on the industrial side, but it will also provide a great platform for the research community to push the boundaries of computational aerodynamics”, says Charles Champion, Executive Vice-President Engineering at Airbus Commercial Aircraft.

“At DLR we aim to advance the new trend of digitalisation in aviation, and hence address the challenges the European aircraft industry will face in the next decades. We welcome this opportunity of teaming-up with Airbus and ONERA to develop a common next generation code. DLR’s vast experience in designing Computational Fluid Dynamics software for air- and spacecraft applications will be an essential ingredient” highlights Rolf Henke, Executive Board Member for Aeronautics Research from DLR.

“This Partnership is the opportunity to strengthen the ONERA-DLR cooperation with Airbus. Relying on centers of expertise in CFD in France and Germany for an ambitious project; develop a state of the art simulation software able to cope with challenges in the 2020s while remaining open for external cooperation” said Thierry Michal, General Technical Director of ONERA.