Another Orion-ESM test achievement

The European Service Module (ESM) for NASA'S spaceship Orion is currently being tested at Airbus Space systems in Bremen. The team is fully concentrating on the various tests that are ongoing. Just recently it was a set of tests of the Thrust Vector System (TVC). During a series of tests the nozzle of the Orbital Maneuvering System Engine needs to be gimballed in different directions and in different speeds. That shows whether all signals from the electronic system are correctly interpreted, and whether all mechanical components are working as planned.


"The test was a full success", said Rachid Amekrane, responsible for the OMS-E integration into the ESM. "We were teaching the OMS-E to dance the Hula smoothly and elegant! The big team from our Airbus colleagues in Bremen, Les Mureaux, and Ariane Group managed to perform this test successfully!


The Thrust Vector Control system was performing well as was shown in the post test analysis. In terms of motion and mechanical wise the OMS-E is in best condition.


The next big step will be the proof leak test.