With 203 aircraft sold to 28 operators in 26 countries, the C295 is the leader in the military medium transport and mission category. But one fact that emphasizes the success of the aircraft is that we have received 12 repeat orders from our operators for a total of 55 aircraft. This confidence demonstrates that the C295 performs the assigned missions to the utmost satisfaction of our Customers.

One of the operators that has placed repeated orders for the C295 is the Kazakhstan Air Force. After using Soviet-era aircraft for decades, a first contract for two C295 was signed in 2010, three repeat orders have been placed for two aircraft each for a total of eight aircraft. The seventh aircraft was delivered on 30th November to the C295 base at Almaty.

C295 Kazakhstan Air Force

As indicated by the operator, this aircraft type is capable to fly over almost entire territory of the country (2.7 million km2) without refuelling. The C295 is simple and effective in operation. Airbus designed a model to be differentiated from other aircraft thanks to its reliability, flight control serviceability, fuel economy, maneuverability and mobility when transporting equipment and troops. The C295 flight from Spain to Kazakhstan was performed by Kazakhstan Air Force pilots led by Commander Lieutenant-Colonel Dmitriy Grots, the 1st class pilot. He declared: “Unlike similar class aircraft, the C295 is able to perform long-haul flights – up to 5500 km, and at the same time it consumes half as much fuel as the others”, - Commander Grots noted.

This testimony emphasizes the characteristics that have made the C295 the choice in its market segment: reliability, performance and low operating cost. 

C295 Kazakhstan Air Force

The C295’s flexible design, long endurance and modern systems have made it an outstanding platform for a wide range of transport and ISR roles. Featuring winglets in its standard configuration, giving increased performance in all flight phases and lower fuel burn, the C295 is the best choice in the Medium Transport and ISR segment.