The Airspace by Airbus cabin – which offers a more relaxing and functional environment for passengers while optimising the use of cabin space for airlines – remains on track for its introduction on the A330neo jetliner version. 
Inspired by the new family of Airbus cabins introduced on the A350 XWB, Airspace brings together design and layout features for an interior that is more relaxing, inspiring, beautiful and functional – resulting in a unique and leading passenger experience. 
Key cabin elements – such as the galleys and lavatories – will begin arriving this summer for the no. 1 A330neo to be delivered to an airline. Fit-checks have been carried out in advance for each monument, including flight-testing the new overhead bins on board an A330 development aircraft last February. 
At Airbus’ Toulouse, France headquarters – home to the A330 final assembly line – cabin equipment suppliers are working side-by-side with the company in a “plateau” environment, backed by rigorous supplier tracking and a major focus on maturity. 
Rémi Crépel, head of A330neo cabin at Airbus Commercial Aircraft, said passenger experience and airline performance are the key drivers in the Airspace cabin concept. 
“We want Airspace to provide levels of comfort that match the A350 XWB, whichever aircraft it is fitted on,” he explained. “The standard offer includes 18-inch economy seats, bigger luggage bins, new lavatories and a ‘welcome’ entry zone using customisable lighting. Airlines can also select cabin space-enablers, such as the combined lower deck rest area for flight crews that enables as many as 10 extra seats to be fitted in the main cabin.”

The A330neo is the launch vehicle for the Airspace cabin philosophy, meaning its passengers will be among the first to experience new standards of on-board relaxation