Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) is quickly building up its A330-300 Regional jetliner fleet, receiving ten aircraft during 2016 from a total of 20 on order. After Saudia’s initial A330-300 Regional delivery earlier this summer, two more were provided by Airbus in August, along with seven others before year-end. 
Saudia is leasing the A330-300 Regional fleet from International Air Finance Corporation (IAFC). These aircraft are joining the national carrier of Saudi Arabia’s current A330-300 and A320 Family jetliners to boost capacity on some of its most in-demand regional/domestic routes. 
The A330-300 Regional is Airbus’ latest A330 family member, optimized for flights out to distances of 2,700 nm. – covering short- to medium-haul routes with up to five hours’ flight time. 

Saudi Arabian Airlines took delivery of its first A330-300 Regional. The national carrier of Saudi Arabia has ordered 20 A330-300 Regionals, which are specially optimised for regional and domestic operations, and will boost capacity on Saudi Arabian Airlines’ most in-demand routes