Minimising harmful VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions is a continuing focus at Airbus as part of its multi-pronged Blue5 initiative for improved environmental performance. Since 2006, the company has made impressive progress – decreasing VOC emissions by more than 60 per cent compared to revenue (and nearly 30 per cent in absolute terms) across its European sites. 
This improvement was underscored with recent achievements in Europe – such as the installation of a new washer for painting tools at Saint-Eloi, France; the replacement of a solvent-based primer with a water-based alternative at Puerto Real, Spain; and implementation of a new water-based touch-up paint dispensing/distribution process at Broughton, UK. In addition to the VOC guidelines, Blue5 sets targets for conserving energy and water, as well as reducing waste and CO2 emissions.

Airbus is reducing VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions as part of its Blue5 initiative for improved environmental performance