CityAirbus NextGen is an all-electric, four-seat vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) prototype. Based on a lift and cruise concept, it boasts an 80-km operational range and a cruise speed of 120 km/h – making it perfectly suited to a variety of flight operations in our cities and communities. 


CityAirbus NextGen makes its debut

A lift and cruise concept years in the making 

The idea for an efficient air transport service between strategic locations in urban and suburban environments – and what we now call CityAirbus NextGen –  first originated from our belief that urban and advanced mobility can be moved into the sky to provide communities with additional ways to reach their destination, by complementing existing means of transport. With decades of experience certifying aircraft, Airbus successfully developed two electric VTOL demonstrators, CityAirbus and Vahana. The lessons learned from this double-demonstrator approach, as well as the continuous improvements in sound technology across Airbus’ portfolio of products, have been essential to creating the CityAirbus NextGen prototype, Airbus’ new generation of eVTOL. 

CityAirbus NextGen: Back angle. CityAirbus NextGen is an all-electric, four-seat vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) multicopter concept featuring a wing.

An innovative design with simplicity in mind 

CityAirbus NextGen’s unique configuration incorporates innovative design elements that make for a robust and seamless architecture:
●    Fixed wings
●    A V-shaped tail
●    Eight electric-powered propellers as part of its uniquely designed distributed propulsion system

CityAirbus NextGen was designed with quiet flights in mind from the beginning, allowing for smooth integration and use in urban environments. 

To achieve the highest safety levels and ensure maximum efficiency in hover and cruise flight phases, CityAirbus NextGen will rely on a mix of in-house and externally supplied components. Together with our operator and airline partners, this will enable us to make sure that the aircraft’s design answers proven operational requirements and will be ready to serve for passenger transport, medical services or ecotourism missions.

Safe and reliable air mobility service

Safety is paramount to all Airbus activities. As with all of our products, we aim to work closely with regulators to help define the highest safety standards. As a result, CityAirbus NextGen will meet the most stringent certification requirements (EASA SC-VTOL Enhanced Category). Equipped with an operational automated flight mode, Airbus’ eVTOL vehicle will first be piloted to guide the maturation of the Urban Air Mobility market. 

Building tomorrow’s mobility network together

CityAirbus NextGen has incorporated our decarbonisation strategy into the design from the very beginning. Building on the expertise of partners in multiple urban environments, the prototype for CityAirbus NextGen is set to become a technological lever in the creation of a more integrated and innovative mobility ecosystem. Together with partners from many different sectors, we have been working to advance urban air mobility services in countries around the world. 

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Our four-seat eVTOL demonstrator

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CityAirbus NextGen makes its debut
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