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Unlocking progress

Unlocking progress

From telecommunications satellites that bring the internet to the most remote corners of the globe to emergency services’ navigation systems that save lives, our innovation in space is unlocking progress down here on Earth.

Respecting the planet

Respecting the planet

Our satellites are monitoring precious resources like the oceans and our forests, pinpointing polluting factories, and even keeping track of the globe’s energy output - enabling us to play our part in protecting the planet.

Exploring frontiers

Exploring frontiers

We’ve been at the heart of space exploration for decades. From partnering with NASA and ESA on the Artemis Moon-return missions, powered by the Orion spacecraft, to searching for life on Jupiter’s moons in Europe’s Juice project, we are helping to uncover the secrets of the cosmos.

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You may not have considered a career in space. However, with the cosmos playing an increasingly important role in all our lives, we need a diverse range of skill sets and backgrounds in order to fully unlock the potential of Space.

Below, you can watch our experts talk about the amazing work they are doing – and learn how a career in the cosmos has never been more accessible.

Launching the next generation of space pioneers

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