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Airbus A220 final assembly line in Mobile, Alabama

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Our apprenticeship programs prepare you for a position at the Airbus US Manufacturing Facility in Mobile, AL (Alabama) - where we produce the A220 and A320 family aircraft. You can earn various industry-recognized certifications through our partnerships with Flight Works Alabama and several Alabama Community colleges.

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Get a certificate in Apprenticeship

Build transferable skills in the technical industry and achieve your academic potential while Airbus covers your tuition fees. 

A wide range of technical disciplines

Learn alongside valued experts in their field with hands-on learning.

Hands-on experience

Gain invaluable hands-on experience working on real-world projects and cutting-edge technology, putting theory into practice and preparing you for a successful career in the dynamic field of aerospace and beyond.

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Opportunities for Early Careers

Apply to join FlightPath9 (FP9), a dual-enrollment pre-employment program in Mobile, AL. Students earn the Aviation Manufacturing Technology short certificate.

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Apprenticeships for Early Careers

Perfect for those who are looking to get into the world of aviation but have no prior experience, our program provides structured on-hands learning and soft skills.

Airbus US Manufacturing Facility Mobile Alabama A320 assembly

Learn about Airbus Onboard

Looking for a career change? Our program is geared towards those with 5 years of non-aviation experience looking for a new challenge and a new career path.

Airbus onboard

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We know that achieving your dream career comes along with many questions.

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What is the cost of the FlightPath9 Program?

There is no cost to the student. All tuition, books and uniforms are paid for by Airbus.

How long is the Early Career Apprentice Program?

The program is a two year program. This includes a pre-employment program of 10 weeks, classroom/lab work for 12 weeks, then on the job training until certification is completed.

What are the benefits Airbus apprentices are eligible for?

While Apprentices are in the FlightPath9 program, they are not yet Airbus employees and as such are not eligible for benefits. Once an individual has graduated from the program and has joined Airbus full-time as an Apprentice, you are entitled to financial rewards like a retirement plan, work/life balance rewards such as paid time off, health & welfare benefits such as insurance coverage and individual development opportunities.