Company culture is everyone’s responsibility – she says – and we have an important role to play, not only as colleagues or co-workers but as human beings in a global community.

Daisie owns the perfect sense of being welcoming and takes at heart the onboarding process of all the newcomers at Airbus. She strongly believes that an effective company culture is the key success factor that impacts everything within an organization, especially at a global level.

“Company culture is everyone’s responsibility – she says – and we have an important role to play, not only as colleagues or co-workers but as human beings in a global community.”

Daisie joined in 2013 and has chosen human resources as her primarily passion in which she dedicates her time. “I see myself as a “dream catcher” and I like to find out the potential in people. I have been part of Airbus for the past 8 years, dedicating my time to HR Learning as a Training Administrator. I was responsible for the coordination of employees and management training programs.”

A few years later, Daisie decided she wanted a move in her career path and focus more on the processes of talent acquisition, onboarding and internal mobility. In her current role as Onboarding & Internal Mobility Specialist, Daisie is in charge of the overall employees’ career journey experience. Whether it is for the first step joining Airbus, or to move on within the company’s organization, Daisie’s mission is to accompany the process in the best possible way.

“Employees should be motivated and enabled to own their career – Daisie says – whether their desire is to onboard Airbus or move on to another division, department or location. We are here to facilitate their journey and listen to their needs by putting in place many different initiatives such as events where we can meet our future candidates, or internal workshops or summits in order to maintain a closer relation with our employees from all over the world.”

Among the things Daisie appreciates the most is the fact of being empowered and have a trusted relation with her team and managers. “I will always remember the day in which my first manager nominated me to become a Team Leader. It was unexpected and a great mark of confidence for me! We take our employees and workforce wellbeing very seriously and we are committed to build a collaborative and agile company culture, which are key aspects of improving employee engagement.” – she says.

Aside from work, she is passionate about pets and loves spending time with her kitten. “I consider myself a very lucky person because I love my job as well as having a great work life balance.”

Daisie is Onboarding & Internal Mobility Specialist at Airbus Group in Toulouse.



Daisie's career path at Airbus

Onboarding & Internal Mobility Specialist
Airbus Group, Toulouse

Learning Delivery Manager & HR Project Coordinator
Airbus Group, Toulouse

Team Leader France & Training Coordinator
Airbus Group, Toulouse

Training Administrator
Airbus Group, Toulouse



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