Airbus has a responsibility to society and future generations, and wants to make a positive social impact within communities all around the world. 

We take a collective approach, bringing our business, the Airbus Foundation and our employees together to safeguard the future of our planet, support vulnerable communities and develop the future generation.

Taking a collective approach to community impact

Maximising our positive impact requires a sustainable, equitable and measurable approach. We have three core channels that work together and allow us to coordinate our efforts in the most effective way, whilst upholding high standards of governance and due diligence.

Pond restoration project with Avon Wildlife Trust

Corporate action

Airbus partners with nonprofit organisations to develop sustainable solutions based on community needs.


Airbus Foundation

The Airbus Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation, focusing on mobilising the products, services, technology, and expertise that Airbus has to offer for the benefit of society.

+impact | TECHO house building


Employees can also directly support their communities via a dedicated digital platform, +impact. Facilitating a connection with causes worldwide, employees can use the platform to donate, fundraise and volunteer for causes they care about.

The priorities we support

Our community impact strategy is aligned with the Airbus purpose and our sustainability priorities, and supports our commitments to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). 

Our collective action is focused around three key areas where we believe we can add the most value: 

  • Supporting and developing vulnerable communities
  • Developing tomorrow’s leaders
  • Safeguarding the future of our planet

Through our corporate giving, we have prioritised partnerships which respond to specific community needs and create lasting positive impact. Examples include bringing renewable energy to off-grid rural communities in Colombia; securing access to early education opportunities for children from underserved communities in the Philippines; and rejuvenating two lakes in Manesar and Bengaluru (India) to enable biodiversity restoration in these local areas.

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Respecting the planet

We are leading the journey towards clean aerospace

Valuing people

Valuing people

We respect human rights, prioritise safety and protect communities


Enabling prosperity

We unite cultures, connect economies and enable partnerships