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Tell us more about yourself

Hi there! My name is Pakamon Kutiam and I am the Asia Pacific (APAC) Customer Success Manager at Navblue, based in Bangkok, Thailand. I am responsible for after-sales support for around 40 accounts in APAC. My daily work involves having regular calls and visits with customers, ensuring that their issues and requests are resolved to their satisfaction, coordinating between Navblue experts and being the voice of customers in the company whilst striving for continuous improvements. 

Previously, I was  Navblue Flight Operations Documentation Project Manager for three years, and was also Airbus Flight Operations Officer for three years before that. 

What attracted you to the position?

As an aerospace engineering student, I have always considered Airbus  as one of my dream employers. And it was great to know that Airbus has a presence  in Thailand, my home country. These two factors attracted me to apply to the company.

Tell us more about your job position

I work closely with Customer Success Managers (CSMs), who focus on building strong, long-term relationships with customers. 

Together with other CSMs in the region, we ensure that we will be customers’ trusted partner for after-sales support. 

We take ownership of their issues, needs and opportunities within NAVBLUE and coordinate activities to ensure that we can meet agreed timelines and targets.. Last but not least, we proactively support customers to mitigate the risks.

What particular skills do you use for this job?

This work requires strong diplomatic and communication skills to get the right things done at the right time. It is also crucial that we are responsive and update information to customers in a detailed and timely manner. 


What do you enjoy about your work?

Every day there are many different stakeholders who may come to me with various issues. It is my duty to come up with a win-win solution. It is rewarding when they show  appreciation when their issues are resolved. 

Being part of a multinational and multicultural environment also allows me to be exposed to different cultures. It has been fruitful to learn from different customers and colleagues.

The work environment at Navblue is very trusting. This culture encourages creativity so that I can innovate new ways of working and ‘think out of the box’. 

What is the most important advice you have been given, and is there any advice you would like to give?

The most useful advice I have received was to always believe that “I can do it”.
With social media, it is unavoidable to compare oneself to others, and this increases the notion of feeling that you are not good enough, or doubt yourself.
The mindset that “I can do it” pushes me to equip myself, learn new things, and work every possible way to achieve my goals.


How do you handle stress and work-life balance?

I set boundaries. As I am working in a customer-facing job, it is very normal that I will receive messages from customers outside my working hours or weekends. I make it clear what my normal working hours are, and the level of support I can give outside working hours is limited to urgent matters only.

I also do not believe in the concept of ‘being productive’ all the time. A good rest is very powerful to boost our performance.

Fun facts you want to share about yourself?

I am addicted to coffee. I bring my coffee-making kit everywhere with me: to the beach, camping, and even while hiking along rivers and on mountains. 


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