Airbus Scale fosters high-potential innovation within the company and through start-up engagement. By accelerating the commercialisation of high-value concepts, it actively contributes to company growth and our commitment to sustainable aerospace.   



Airbus Scale identifies and develops opportunities to build and grow co-funded, profitable, fully-fledged businesses. It also advocates startup engagement to further extend Airbus’ competitive advantage. 

The mission of Airbus Scale is:

  • To foster intrapreneurship and leverage corporate innovation 
  • To build and launch new businesses that will support the recovery and future growth of the Company
  • To continue strengthen our long-standing commitment to co-innovation by identifying and partnering with later stage start-ups to mature and scale concepts through mutually-beneficial collaborations
  • To actively contribute to the development of future programmes as part of Airbus’ zero-emission ambition 

Airbus Scale is a complementary offering within the Airbus ecosystem, operating alongside the company’s existing innovation centres, internal innovation hubs and research organisations.

Focus areas

Through Airbus Scale, Airbus is able to enter adjacent markets by adding new products and technologies to its existing portfolio. It builds its activities on three main pillars. 

Airbus Scale taps into intrapreneurship to advance viable business proposals for aerospace or adjacent markets.

Corporate innovation

Intrapreneurship is a fundamental part of our company culture. Airbus Scale encourages internal entrepreneurs to conceptualise advanced business proposals for aerospace or adjacent markets: if they fit the Company’s growth strategy, Scale will help develop a business model and support the building of a viable product or service.

Airbus Scale identifies high potential sustainable technologies to spin out to diversify and grow revenue.

Company building

Taking these viable products or services as well as identified underutilised assets within Airbus that have the potential to fulfil a need and generate value. Attracting external funds and talent to drive them forward, eventually spinning-out to create established companies that will generate revenues for Airbus, supporting diversification and growth.

Airbus Scale looks for solutions to urgent challenges at an accelerated pace which later-stage startups can offer.

Start-up engagement

Partnering with start-ups to scale solutions to pressing business challenges at an accelerated pace. Airbus Scale combines Airbus’ corporate expertise with mature, later-stage start-up experience and know-how to generate value for both sides.

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