When I was young, I looked up to the sky and every time I saw aircraft flying above and quickly turning into a beautiful arc as it flew away, I told myself maybe I could be a part of that one day.

Fangliang Tian

What is your current role and where are you based?

I’m in charge of a topic which is key for our business: safety and risk management. I also cover quality management, part-145 training management and provider quality management.

I am currently leading the Quality workstream in our new Airbus Lifecycle Services (ALS) joint venture* in Chengdu, China, where I will be the Head of Quality & Safety there. I’m working with the industrial workstream based in Toulouse, France to set the quality deliverables during the project phase and beyond in our daily operations. 

*Joint venture between Airbus, TARMAC Aerosave and Chengdu Airport Industrial Xingcheng Investment Development



What’s special about this new joint venture?

The ALS (Aircraft Lifecycle Service) is the first aircraft lifecycle service centre in China, and will cover a range of activities from aircraft parking and storage, maintenance, upgrades, conversions, dismantling and recycling services for various aircraft types. With sustainability being part of the Airbus purpose and strategy, I’m especially proud to be part of this activity.

Currently the site is under construction, where we are focusing on preparing entry-into-service setup for the A320 Family aircraft, then plan to extend capability to the A330 Family aircraft.

My first day in Airbus made me feel I was really a part of our big Airbus family.

What’s been your career path so far?

I studied Aviation Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance in Xi’an, and gained a wealth of experience working successively as a Mechanic, Technician, Library officer, Assistant of Engineering Manager, Auditor, Buyer, Purchasing Manager, Vice-Manager of MRO in Xi’an. 

I have also worked abroad in Poland as a Project Manager for 2 years, and then worked as an EASA Deputy Quality Manager in a joint venture between SAFRAN and China Eastern Airlines, and now I’m lucky to be part of the Airbus family. 

What attracted you to Airbus?

I heard about the PAMELA (Process for Advanced Management of End-of-Life Aircraft) Project many years ago. Then early in 2022 I read in the news that Airbus planned to open an Aircraft Lifecycle Service Centre in Chengdu.

I was very excited and inspired by the strategic decision of Airbus to work with TARMAC, specialising in aircraft dismantling, and further contribute to society's sustainability target. I hoped I could be part of the new history. 

After several interviews by China and France project teams, I successfully got the offer and since then I have been working on the Quality workstream of this project.

The most impressive Airbus value I feel is the We are one

Fangliang TIAN

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

There are many aspects that I enjoy. I have the chance to work with experts in the MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) field all over the world to exchange ideas and work towards a common target. 

I also appreciate the online training platform that Airbus employees can access to learn and upskill at any time. 

I’m in charge of the process for daily operations which must be submitted to the authorities (CAAC Civil Aviation Administration of China and EASA) for approval. This is an energising experience for me.

Tell us about a memorable experience at Airbus. What made it so unforgettable?

That was my first day in Airbus which made me feel I was really a part of the Airbus family.

As a newcomer, the first day is always very difficult. Everything is fresh, everyone is new and you need to get used to a new world.

But the team gave me a lot of support. They helped me with practical things such as access, my laptop, the campus shuttle, how to use Airbus tools….. And they introduced me to each team on the Beijing campus and organised a memorable lunch! Both my work and personal life are well prepared thanks to them.

How do the Airbus values relate to your own?

The most impressive Airbus value I feel is the “We are one”, as I interact with different functions in Airbus including Quality, EHS (Environment, Health and Safety), Business Development, Procurement, Finance and HR. Whenever I reach out to colleagues, wherever they are in the world, I always get their support efficiently. In my experience in Airbus, I can feel that people are living the teamwork value! And I really feel that I am a member of a global team.

And outside of work, how do you enjoy spending your free time?

I like collecting stamps, coins, and travelling in my spare time to explore different places and cultures. I see this “personal time” as a recharging process for a work-life balance.


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