The way Airbus supports its employees in learning through education programmes, getting them closer to the aerospace industry by having flight simulations, giving them global exposure, teaching them inclusion and diversity, and making them future entrepreneurs, is commendable. Ever since I joined, I’ve felt nothing but gratitude. I love the people, the values, the culture and the opportunities this place presents.


What is your current role and where are you based?

My name’s Aarushi and I am from the pink city, Jaipur. I joined Airbus as an Associate System Engineer in the Digital & IM department.

How long have you been working at Airbus?

I’ve been working since 2023 as a Database Engineer for the team of Engineering and PLM solutions. 

Which aircraft/products are you working with?

I’m currently working on the A320 and A350.

What inspired you to be a part of the aerospace sector?

Aerospace has helped make the world more connected and accessible. Airbus has made a strong impact on  the industry by creating aircraft that are not only high functioning but also sustainable and environmentally friendly. Being part of such an innovative company is an honour and my inspiration definitely lies in the creative technical solutions it proposes.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

My team is the backbone of the project and supports hundreds of developers. I get to interact with multiple people with varied skill sets, visions and experiences. I not only work to maintain the project but also optimise existing solutions, brainstorm proof of concepts, study innovations, and ask infinite questions. It's never boring here.

Tell us about one of the most memorable experiences from your career at Airbus. What made it so special and unforgettable?

So, even though it's not been that long, I already have a bunch of memorable experiences. Let me share one of the biggest ones yet. While performing one of my tasks, I made a human error. Now even though it could’ve been a huge issue, my team, instead of pointing fingers, moved to an immediate recovery action plan. Not only that, now we are working on improving our system to avoid such in the future. So the error really became the building block for establishing a new and stronger infrastructure altogether. The incident showed me the importance of keeping your calm even in the worst moment, to be able to provide the best.


The best advice that I’ve received is to communicate and collaborate. As a technical person, you’ll always be learning, so shying away from saying “I don’t know” or “Can you help me with…” will take you backwards, not forwards. Not only as a beginner, but even as an experienced person, you must have the courage to ask for help and request clarifications. Over-communication is better than mis-communication.


What has been one of the most empowering moments at Airbus?

Looking at other females in leadership roles really motivates me to be like them, and Airbus is diving in head first to win the gender ratio race. My team under Bipul has a 50-50 ratio which is something I’ve never seen before. Honestly, I didn’t think it was that important, but events like ‘She Leads’ and ‘Ants network connect’ really made me see how women are celebrated and encouraged here. I hope men will soon get a similar fellowship for themselves.

What is the most important message  you would like to send out to women considering a career in the aeronautic industry?

If I were to give a message to the women pursuing careers anywhere, it would be to “speak up”. Many times we avoid putting our points forth thinking no one else is doing it. But put them forward. Maybe you are the girl who another young girl is looking up to for inspiration.

What are the benefits of working at Airbus?

The work-life balance. It gives us time to develop and learn skills without looking at it as a burden. While I see my peers struggling to wake up early and travel an hour in Bangalore traffic to arrive on time, I find myself arriving at a reasonable time without any stress. The company focuses on the completion of tasks rather than completion of hours.

Out of the six core values of Airbus, respect and teamwork relate with me the most. No idea can be implemented without both. Respecting the views of others irrespective of your stand on the topic is crucial. And working as a team, be it peaks or valleys, builds trust and ability to deliver with confidence.

Do you have any hobbies? How do you enjoy spending your free time?

I love to dance and listen to music. I like journaling my thoughts and ideas in my free time.

Any fun facts you’d like to share?

I know the hook steps to almost all hindi songs.

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