“What encouraged me to join this industry is the satisfaction of participating in the manufacturing process of an aircraft and knowing that it is partly thanks to me that it can fly,” shares Lisa Cros. Having completed her studies at Lycée Airbus, then an apprenticeship at Airbus Helicopters in Marignane in partnership with the Aeronautics Training Centre of Istres, Lisa is now contributing to this narrative at Airbus Helicopters, where she works as a technician as part of the Centre of Excellence Rotors & Transmissions team.


Airbus Helicopters: Can you tell us about your current role and where you are based?
lisa Cros: I work at Airbus Helicopters as a machining technician - a role that involves using machining processes with a flat or cylindrical surface to create individual parts containing specific materials or particular metallurgic characteristics - in my case, this consists of manufacturing the components that transmit power from the engine to the blades of the helicopter. The process is not complete however, until the machining technician has checked the dimensions of the machined part and ensured there aren’t any imperfections.

Airbus Helicopters: What inspired you to join the aerospace industry?
lisa Cros: Very young, I knew that I wanted to pursue a manual profession in mechanics and I decided to take a path in the field of aeronautics. In the aerospace industry, jobs are much more interesting because they are more complex than other sectors. What also pushed me into this industry is the satisfaction of participating in the manufacturing of an aircraft and knowing that it is partly thanks to me that it can fly.

Airbus Helicopters: What has been your most memorable adventure in the industry?
lisa Cros: It was probably when I became independent at my first workstation, which was the result of all my schooling and learning. I was grateful to see that my efforts had paid off.

Airbus Helicopters: What valuable advice have you been given? Are there any tips or recommendations you would like to share with young girls who aspire to pursue a career in aviation or science?
lisa Cros: Young girls who want to pursue a career in aviation or science should not doubt their choice out of fear of experiencing prejudice in sectors considered to be male-dominated. Soon, this will no longer be how these sectors are seen- there are more and more women in these fields and being a woman should in no way be a hindrance. No matter what position we hold, we all do the same work, and we are all work colleagues. 

Airbus Helicopters: Are you involved in any organizations or initiatives to support girls and women in aviation? If so, why was it important for you to participate in such initiatives?
lisa Cros: During my schooling at Lycée Airbus (high school), I was part of the “Elles du Futur”. This initiative aims to introduce middle school girls to careers in aeronautics. In my opinion, if there are so few women in aerospace professions, it is only due to lack of awareness. They are not given enough opportunities to learn about the aeronautical industry.

Airbus Helicopters: In difficult times, what helps you stay focussed on your goal?
lisa Cros: In these moments I force myself to remember why I entered this industry. And contrary to what some people may think, work colleagues and the hierarchy are also there to support us, no matter the difficulties we encounter.

*The Centre of Excellence Rotors & Transmissions produces single parts and subassemblies used in dynamic systems. These parts are delivered to final assembly lines or to customer support services for spares.