The fact that I am part of the world's leading aerospace company, and we create the most amazing and sophisticated machines in the whole world, gives me goosebumps. Whenever I board an Airbus plane, I get an amazing feeling that I'm part of the organization that makes these astonishing engineering marvels.

Meet Kanika

Meet Kanika - a talented and motivated Associate System Engineer from Bhilwara, Rajasthan at Airbus India.

Ever since childhood, Kanika has been fascinated by airplanes and dreamt of being part of the aerospace industry. After completing her education, she started looking for opportunities, which led her to Aerothon 3.0, a prestigious national hackathon in India that became the perfect platform to showcase her talent to Airbus.

Aerothon 3.0: Showcasing talent

For two days, Kanika and her team poured their hearts into the competition, demonstrating unwavering dedication and innovative thinking. Their hard work paid off when they emerged as the winners of the Aerothon 3.0, enabling her to secure a position as a UI/UX designer at Airbus India in July 2021.

This experience deepened Kanika's admiration for Airbus and solidified her desire to be part of the company. She realized that Airbus was not only committed to identifying exceptional talent but also fostered an environment that promoted collaboration and personal growth.

The fact that Airbus is so focussed on identifying talent and the effort they’re putting into the process, also the interaction with great people at Airbus made me feel that - This is the company I want to work with.

Aerothon 3.0

Embarking on an exciting journey with Airbus

Since joining Airbus, Kanika's journey has been filled with challenges and continuous learning opportunities. From her very first day, she faced a variety of tasks that pushed her boundaries and expanded her skill set. Beginning as a UI/UX designer, she embraced the chance to explore different roles, eventually transitioning to Full Stack Development. This immersive experience enabled her to acquire a diverse range of technical and soft skills, setting her on a path of constant growth and professional development.

Meet Kanika

Progressing as an associate system engineer

Today, Kanika holds the position of an associate software engineer for Employee Digital Services at Airbus India. Her role involves creating and proposing innovative solutions for digitizing HR data. Throughout her journey, she has received unwavering support from her colleagues and management, enabling her to grow both professionally and personally.

Airbus has continuously shaped my career path based on my interests.

Kanika's journey stands as a testament to the power of determination, seizing opportunities, and pursuing dreams. Her story serves as an inspiration for anyone with a desire to contribute to the creation of engineering marvels that shape our world.