I wanted to be a part of this exciting industry that not only shapes the way we travel but also contributes to global connectivity and progress.

What is your current role and where are you based?

I am Project Manager in the Cabin Experience Team of the Airbus China R&D and Innovation Centre. The mission for us is to look into the local disruptive technology/ product to be implemented in the aviation industry, to support Airbus’ new generation aircraft, as well as to realise our sustainable aerospace vision. 

How long have you been working at Airbus?

I joined Airbus in April 2023 as a Project Manager.


Which aircraft/products are you working with?

We are exploring sustainable materials for cabin and cargo to improve the customer experience and support sustainable development. What this actually means is demonstrating the feasibility of new materials and implementing them in cabin and cargo areas such as the sidewall lining, overhead bins, PSU panels, floors, ceilings, galleys, partitions, and seat cushions.

What inspired you to be a part of the aerospace sector?

I was always fascinated by airplanes and the idea of flying, from a very young age. The aerospace sector really represented the spirit of human innovation and engineering excellence, pushing the boundaries of what was possible. I wanted to be a part of this exciting industry that not only shapes the way we travel but also contributes to global connectivity and progress. The prospect of working on cutting-edge technologies and being involved in the innovation of sustainable materials further fuelled my passion for joining the aerospace sector.

Concerning the beginning of your career path at Airbus - what was the main drive that led you to apply and be part of this company?

Throughout my academic journey in Toulouse, it was my dream to be a part of Airbus in France. However, the opportunity did not present itself at that time. When I learned about an opening at the Airbus China R&D and Innovation Centre, it seemed like the perfect chance to finally join the company that I had been looking into for so long. The main drive behind my decision to apply and be a part of Airbus was the opportunity to work on disruptive innovation projects for a global pioneer in the aerospace industry. I knew that Airbus would provide me with the platform to make a real impact in developing sustainable materials for aircraft and to contribute to a more environmentally conscious aviation industry. 

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

What I enjoy the most about my job is the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse and talented team and to solve critical global challenges. 


In the Airbus China R&D and Innovation Centre, we have experts from various fields, including materials science, connectivity, artificial intelligence, manufacturing etc. Working as a team allows us to bring together different perspectives and expertise to develop innovative solutions for complex and uncertain problems. 

Additionally, knowing that our work contributes to making air travel more sustainable is extremely fulfilling. I am passionate about finding ways to reduce the environmental impact of aviation, and being able to work towards this goal is both rewarding and motivating.


Tell us about one of the most memorable experiences from your career at Airbus. What made it so special and unforgettable?

Although my journey in Airbus has not been long, one of the most memorable experiences in my career has been being part of a project team that is trying to develop and implement new sustainable materials for the cabin interiors. This material is not only lightweight and durable but also has a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to traditional materials. Witnessing and imagining the positive impact that our innovation could have on reducing emissions and improving sustainability in the aerospace industry - as well as pushing the boundaries of what is possible - was truly special and unforgettable.

What is the most important advice you have been given, and is there any advice you would like to give?

The most important advice I have been given is to embrace challenges and to constantly seek opportunities for growth and learning. In this fast-paced and rapidly evolving time, it is crucial to stay curious, adapt to change, and continuously develop new skills and knowledge. My advice to others would be to always keep the mindset of believing in themselves and moving forward, even if the path may seem challenging. Being cooperative, active, and having  passion for what you do will ultimately lead to overcoming the uncertainties and achieving the seemingly impossible.

What has been one of the most empowering moments at Airbus?

The opening day of the Airbus China R&D and Innovation Centre was one of the most empowering moments I have experienced in Airbus. I have been working in R&D for quite a long time. This empowerment grew from the realisation that I could finally apply my expertise and knowledge to create a positive impact within this company. Furthermore, Airbus has always stood out as an organization that values diversity and inclusivity. 

The support and encouragement I have received from my colleagues and superiors at Airbus have been instrumental in my professional growth. They have acknowledged my capabilities, respected my contributions, and created an environment where my ideas are valued and heard. This has boosted my confidence, allowing me to fully engage in my work and contribute to the ongoing progress of sustainable materials innovation in the cabin domain.

To all women considering a career in the aeronautic industry, I want to emphasize that your gender should never hinder your ambitions. The aerospace sector is brimming with opportunities for women to excel, innovate, and make a significant impact. Have confidence in your abilities, be resilient, and embrace unique perspectives and skills that you bring to the industry. By pursuing a career in the aeronautic industry, you have the chance to contribute to shaping the future of aviation, and I encourage you to take that chance with dedication and passion.

What are the benefits of working at Airbus?

Working at Airbus comes with numerous benefits. Firstly, as a global leader in the aerospace industry, Airbus provides opportunities to work on meaningful and challenging projects. The company fosters a culture of innovation and encourages employees to push the boundaries of what is possible. Additionally, Airbus recognizes the importance of work-life balance and invests in the well-being of its employees. The company offers comprehensive benefit packages, professional development opportunities, and a supportive work environment that fosters personal growth and career advancement. Lastly, being part of a diverse and international team at Airbus allows for rich cultural exchanges and the chance to collaborate with colleagues from different backgrounds and perspectives.

In what way do the values of Airbus relate to your own? 

The values of Airbus - customer focus, respect, integrity, creativity, reliability and teamwork - strongly resonate with my personal values. 

As a Project Manager in the Cabin Experience team, I am committed to improving the customer experience and ensuring that our solutions meet the highest standards of the customer’s requirement and value. Respect, reliability and teamwork is central to how I engage with my team members and colleagues, as I firmly believe that collaboration and mutual respect are essential for success. Lastly, integrity and creativity forms the foundation of our work in disruptive innovation in sustainability, as we prioritize ethical decision-making and strive to make a positive impact on the environment. Aligning with the values of Airbus lends meaning and purpose to my work, allowing me to fully contribute to the company's mission and vision. 

Do you have any hobbies? How do you enjoy spending your free time?

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my cats, doing sport and meditation to maintain a healthy balance between my mind and body. I am also passionate about exploring new cultures through travel. Being exposed to different cultures not only broadens my horizons but also fuels my creativity and inspires innovative thinking. I also love reading books on different topics and attending conferences to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in the field.

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