Airbus was the perfect match for me, offering a mix of pioneering mindset, an international footprint, and satisfying my passion for aeronautics.


What is your current role and where are you based?

I am Head of the Widebody Programme Office in Toulouse, France.

How long have you been working at Airbus? 

I’ve been working at Airbus since 1997.

Which aircraft/products are you working with?

I am working mainly with the Widebody commercial aircraft family (A350 and A330).

What inspired you to be a part of the aerospace sector?

My grandfather, who was an engine adjuster, inspired me with his pioneering spirit. As a child, I was fascinated by everything that was flying in the air because it looked like magic!

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

What I love about my job is to embrace and influence the whole Widebody programme value chain, make it efficient through robust programme and project management 

Tell us about one of the most memorable experiences from your career at Airbus. What made it so special and unforgettable?

I had the opportunity to support an airline in the US with maintenance on a flight control system. We worked tirelessly through the night to complete the maintenance and return the aircraft to service the next day. The sense of urgency was palpable as we had to test the aircraft straight away in the morning to meet the airline’s needs. Fortunately, we were able to solve the issue, conduct the necessary tests, and return the aircraft to service before passenger operations resumed. Our efforts were met with heartfelt thanks from the airline. These moments, though seemingly small, are deeply meaningful and inspiring to me.

I never felt different being a woman - be you, be bold. 

What is the most important advice you have been given, and what advice would you like to give?

Some important advice I wish to give is to be yourself, stay committed, understand the lessons of the past and always look towards the future.

What are the benefits of working at Airbus?

The international environment, the diverse roles and jobs - you will never be bored.

What has been one of the most empowering moments at Airbus?

When I was on stage as a young engineer during a technical symposium facing hundreds of highly experienced customers and colleagues and being applauded at the end. 

In what way do the values of Airbus relate to your own?

Teamwork is one of my core values; I believe we do better together and it naturally fosters other values like creativity, respect, reliability and integrity.

Customer focus has been part of my DNA too since the start of my career in Customer Support; I keep this mindset in all I do ever since regardless of the activity or the stakeholders you work with : you are always supporting the customer at the end of the day wherever you are in the company.

Do you have any hobbies? How do you enjoy spending your free time?

I spend hours doing my genealogy - I have a tree of 6000 people, and still lots of mysteries to solve.

Any fun facts you’d like to share?

When I was a very little girl and saw a moving light in the sky, I would point at it saying it was  a “pouchnik” (instead of Sputnik).

Sonia's Career Path at Airbus

Head Of WB Programme Office

Airbus SAS Blagnac - France 

Head Of Plant production Support St Eloi

Airbus operation France

Head of logistics engineering

Airbus SAS Blagnac - France 

Supply & demand process manager

Airbus SAS Blagnac - France 


Airbus SAS Blagnac - France 


Airbus SAS Blagnac - France 


 & upgrade services DESIGN MANAGER

Airbus SAS Blagnac - France 

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