From helicopters to rugby fields

Meet Tual, a professional who loves his job and his sport. At work, he helps ensure smooth operations at Airbus Helicopters. Outside of work he's a recognised rugby referee, making crucial calls on some of the biggest rugby platforms.

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The Airbus adventure

His journey with Airbus began 4.5 years ago when he stepped into the world of Airbus Helicopters. Tual joined as an innovation manager in the Connected Services department, with an Engineering degree in Telecoms and Networks and a PhD in Digital Signal Processing.

Before coming to Airbus, he worked in a startup as a data engineer and project manager for 4.5 years, followed by a stint in risk management as an innovation manager.

Today, Tual holds the position of CRM Product Manager for the entire Support & Service scope. He's part of the front office management team, ensuring that the gears of helicopters run smoothly. 

From engineer to referee

But that's only one layer of Tual’s story. His connection with rugby runs deep, tracing back to his childhood when he first picked up a rugby ball at the age of 5 in a local Toulouse club. Little did he know that this sport would remain an integral part of his life. When embarking on a career journey, Tual still kept his love of rugby.

At 17, he stepped onto the rugby field again, not as a player, but as a referee in Perpignan, France. Climbing the ranks, he has officiated at over 300 professional rugby matches. His dedication has earned him a significant place on both the national stage leading the last two Top 14 finals, as well as on the international stage as a rugby referee. 

I’ve been an international referee since 2014, and I aim to be a Tier 1 referee soon.


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Balancing two worlds

Tual's magic formula? A passion for both roles. At Airbus, he thrives on diverse interactions and technological challenges. When on the pitch, he dons his referee cap, ensuring rugby games are fair and exciting. “I look to find the best balance between my job, my family, and my favourite sport.”

Do I see any common values between Airbus and high level refereeing? Well yes, I’d say integrity, respect, reliability and teamwork. And my experience as a referee helps me at Airbus  to take strong decisions under pressure and empower my peers.

Off-duty Tual

When not busy with helicopters or rugby, Tual also loves exploring new places and indulging in culinary delights that the world has to offer. His latest adventure: eating deadly pufferfish in Tokyo and horse sashimi in Kumamoto!


His journey

From engineering studies to data management, and now thriving at Airbus whilst keeping his eye on the (rugby) ball, Tual is living proof that a passion for sport and a fulfilling career can go hand in hand.

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