Airbus China Innovation Centre (ACIC) delivers aerospace solutions that make a real difference in people’s lives. In China, Airbus is accelerating some of the most promising and disruptive technologies that will transform the future of flight.


ACIC is one of two global Airbus innovation centres. It is located in Shenzhen, China, one of the world’s leading innovation hotspots.

ACIC’s mission is:

  • To fully leverage the local innovation ecosystem in China—including talent, partners and resources, with support from Airbus’ global expertise in aerospace—to discover the most-promising technologies,
  • To identify Airbus service-enabling solutions,
  • To fast-track delivery of innovation outcomes.


The people at ACIC are passionate about shaping the future of flight and championing new ways of working. They take a hands-on approach to deliver innovation at high speed and in an agile way that demonstrates value. ACIC focuses on bringing together the best cross-industry talent who share these same qualities and pairing them with experienced aerospace experts to make it happen. 

Exploration areas


Cabin experience

This programme focuses on leveraging China’s expertise in emerging technologies (IoT, sensor and HMI systems) to innovate experience design for Asian passengers. Key focus: Passenger interactive Experience Design / Smart Cabin Operation Platform / Passenger Assurance Solutions (COVID-19).





This programme builds high-speed and low-latency connectivity technologies to better connect passengers and aircraft to the digital world via Airbus service-enabling solutions. Key focus: Air-to-Ground Connectivity / Chinese LEO Constellation.



Manufacturing innovation

This programme explores Industry 4.0 technologies to improve efficiency and safety on the shop floor by leveraging Airbus industrial sites in China for accelerated local testing and Airbus-wide implementation. Key focus: Automation & Robotics / Smart Tool System / Computer-Vision Technologies / Operation Analytics.



This programme explores and certifies new systems for high-performance, lower-cost implementation from local to global within Airbus. Key focus: AI / Battery Systems / Aeronautic Electronics / Immersive Technologies

Air mobility technology

Air mobility technology

This programme accelerates air mobility technology development and industrialisation in China. Key focus: Digital Platform Services (DPS).


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