Critical National Infrastructure threats are varied and increasing: Terrorism – Hostile State Actors – Espionage - Serious & Organised Crime - Trafficking - Industrial espionage - Piracy - Armed attacks – Border & Maritime Security - Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Attacks - Industrial Accidents - Cyber Attacks - Natural Disasters - Environmental Change

There is an immediate and ongoing need for advanced security solutions that protect the critical infrastructure managed by both private and government entities.

For more than 30 years, Airbus has played a major role in the protection of infrastructure. We focus on delivering the right solutions to meet your operational needs for today and tomorrow. You can rely on our proven experience and expertise helping customers to manage threats and protect government installations, airbases and military sites, ports and airports, sensitive industrial sites and civil infrastructure.

The weakest point is where the security breaches can appear. Ensuring the highest level of protection requires a comprehensive integrated security strategy. This can only be achieved while supporting every phase of the critical infrastructure protection cycle.

1.  Assess & Identify: We offer a global vision that ensures increased consistency, enhanced efficiency and safer operations.

2.  Anticipate & Detect: We maximise the use of our smart tools to alert facility operators to potential problems and threats, almost before they harden into real incidents and events.

3.  Protect & Respond: We provide reactive and efficient management of any threat

4.  Recover & Maintain: We ensure business continuity, safeguarding your reputation through effective crisis management.


Airbus is supporting our customers' security by providing:

We offer a global vision that ensures increased consistency, enhanced efficiency and minimised costs.

We ensure business continuity safeguarding our customers’ reputation through our holistic approach to crisis management.

Airbus is your trusted partner for integrated, smart and resilient security solutions for your Critical Infrastructure.

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Preventing, Detecting and Responding


Public safety

To Prevent, Protect and Respond



Respond faster and smarter, upgrading and maintaining stable connections for Navies in the most critical situations

Crisis Management - city with house flooded

Crisis management

Delivering the right solutions to meet crisis management needs for today and tomorrow