Airbus is embracing its invoicing digital transformation. In collaboration with Taulia & SupplyOn e-invoicing solution, we are moving towards a global solution to manage compliant invoices, for indirect/direct procurement goods and services. This is an integral part of Airbus’ overall sustainability strategy. 

A major focus of this sustainability strategy is reducing the CO2 emissions of our aircraft, as well as our industrial environmental footprint at sites worldwide and throughout our supply chain. Hence with these new tools Airbus aims to reduce its environmental impact by targeting zero paper invoices.

At Airbus, we strongly believe a successful business is a responsible business. This is why Airbus will now prioritise standardised invoicing processes covering all the acquisition channels  and on-time payment by reducing invoice processing and approval times.

At Airbus, we believe business integrity is non-negotiable. This is why Airbus will now prioritise improved invoice compliance based on country specific regulations.


    • On-time payment 
    • Compliance with national legislation guaranteed & tax clearance model
    • 24/7 visibility into invoice and payment status
    • All digital invoicing formats accepted 
      • ePDF
      • Portal Submission
      • Machine to machine (EDI)
    • Reduction of invoice processing time from the invoice posting until the payment

    Invoice Submission Process

    The graph below illustrates a part of the procure-to-pay process, from the invoice submission (using the e-invoicing supplier portals) until the invoice payment

    Airbus supplier onboarding team will invite you to join one of the supplier portals & will advise you the best invoicing channel according to your invoice volume.



    Useful links

    For more information about the enrollment process and portal, please visit the dedicated supplier portal webpages:


    AirSupply homepage

    Taulia logo

    Taulia homepage

    ePDF Golden Rules

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