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Meet Yann

Meet Yann

Structures engineer

Yann’s job as a structures engineer is to design and then ensure that the structure of the aircraft is strong and durable enough to meet the airworthiness requirements as well as the requirements of the customers.

Work-life balance and teamwork

Flexible hours, practical benefits

Our family has grown following the birth of my daughter Rosa in 2015. Life is now much busier as a result, particularly at the start and end of the day, and I regularly make use of flexible hours at work to drop or collect the children at the nursery. Thanks to the IT facilities to support remote working, I am able to catch up on any urgent topics from home if I need to.

"Diversity in our jobs at Airbus makes our work life attractive, rich and balanced."

This approach also allowed me to recently take care of my son when he had a minor illness, whilst still being able to maintain contact with my colleagues. I find this approach reduces the level of stress for all involved and is a real practical benefit.

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A strong passion

I've always felt a strong passion for my work. A recent example would be the drive to pass a major maturity milestone known as MG7 on the A330neo programme. The milestone requires the aircraft’s design to be frozen with a clear way forward on any open points to allow the business to give the green light to start manufacture of the parts and assemblies. We were under high pressure to meet the tight timescales, which resulted in a lot of work being undertaken in the final quarter of 2015.

The hard work paid off and the milestone was passed just before the Christmas holidays. It was a very nice present to recognise the efforts of the hundreds of engineers and programme managers across Europe and the world who contributed to the success.

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