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Uta is Engineering & Technology HR Key Account Manager.

Meet Uta

Engineering & Technology HR Key Account Manager

“Airbus is a family oriented company which pays attention to balance business and family life at the same time."

Uta is Engineering & Technology HR Key Account Manager and mum of three children.

"As a woman, mother of 3 and working full-time, I can definitely encourage other women to pursue jobs that bring them passion and fun - even if they think it will be too much to handle," says Uta from Germany. 

Uta joined the Airbus family in 2004 as an intern in the A380 manufacturing engineering department in Hamburg during her Mechanical Engineering studies. Since then, Uta’s career path at Airbus has been comprehensive, spanning across technical and managerial roles, as well as, different sites.

Starting with A380 production and supply chain technical roles, especially in Hamburg and Toulouse; then moving to managerial positions as Executive Assistant to of the Head of Supply Management, Strategic and Logistic Planning and becoming the Head of Airframe Supply Management Stade, including in Manching, Getafe, Stade and Hamburg, respectively. 

Career and life balance

Today, Uta is based in Hamburg as HR Key Account Manager for Engineering & Technology transnationally. “I got interested in learning more about the people side of the company - competence, recruitment, employment marketing, learning and development. It has been 2.5 years now and still I'm learning and discovering everyday new things and I love to work in such a kind of environment and find this role really interesting.”

Outside of work, Uta enjoys spending time with her family, friends, as well as, to her main hobby, horse riding.

Uta's career path at Airbus

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