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Meet Ratthaphon

Meet Ratthaphon

Head of Flight Operations Group Airbus Bangkok

“Working for Airbus has enabled me to broaden my horizons and experience the diversity and passion of a truly multinational and multicultural organisation. This is a company where everyone can shine, whatever their background.”

Born and raised in Nakhon Ratchasima Thailand, obtained a degree in Industrial Engineering from Kasetsart University. She began her aviation career in 2012 as Technical Ground Instructor at Thai Airways International, as part of the in-house team providing flight crews with courses on aircraft and propulsion systems.

The experience increased Ratthaphon’s interest in aircraft design, so when she heard about an opportunity to join Airbus Flight Operations Services (AFOS) in Bangkok she had no hesitation.

In 2016 she joined the local team producing and reviewing flight operations documentation, as well as providing customer services support for Airbus’ subsidiary NAVBLUE.

After five years in the position, Ratthaphon was promoted to Head of Flight Operations Group at AFOS, overseeing a team of 15 people.

“Joining Airbus has enabled me to experience working in a truly global company that brings together so many different nationalities and cultures. Everyone brings something to the table in the pursuit of excellence. Although we are very different in many ways everyone treats each other with respect as one team.”

Ratthaphon recalls her first visit to Toulouse back in 2016 and the rather daunting arrival at the expansive central offices.

“I didn’t know anyone and really had to find my way around, but the colleagues there provided great support, enabling me to succeed.”

“One of Airbus' greatest strengths is our diversity. I am proud to experience it personally in a company where this value is truly embraced and celebrated.”

Among Ratthaphon’s most exciting achievements was being named global project leader to produce the supplement Flight Crew Operating Manual for the BelugaXL super transporter. This involved the migration of the aircraft systems into electronic format and the enhancement of the structure of the content to be in accordance with Airbus standards..

“Airbus aircraft are very popular in Thailand and people are intrigued by the size and shape of the BelugaXL. It makes me feel so proud to have played a role in bringing this unique aircraft to the skies.”

Ratthaphon's career path at Airbus

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