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Meet Esra

Structure Repair Engineer A320

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. This is the spirit that made me want to join Airbus!”

Esra is a Structure Repair Engineer for A320, working at Airbus Toulouse.

Originally from Istanbul, Esra applied for the role of Customer Support Engineer for A320 at Airbus in Toulouse in 2018. After working seven years in a Maintenance and Repair Organization airline company as Structure Repair Engineer, she immediately knew her professional life was meant to be at Airbus and her experience has been filled with learning and growing since the very first months she joined the team in Toulouse.

“I feel grateful to all my colleagues who had contributed positively to my integration and onboarding within the team and duties in this mission.” Esra was able to grow professionally very rapidly and this would not have been possible without the support of her manager and colleagues.

“I am looking forward many more years at Airbus and continue to enjoy the learning curve whilst bringing my skills and experience background in order to achieve our targeted goals.”

"Team spirit and close cooperation are among the qualities that I appreciate the most in my role, especially in case of workload peaks."

The objective of Esra’s activity is to ensure appropriate development of repair design principles for inclusion in all Airbus Structural Repair Manuals (SRM), for efficient and reliable support of aircraft operations. It is a role focused on the product and their job is crucial to help the airlines to dispatch and repair the aircraft.

“Team spirit and close cooperation are among the qualities that I appreciate the most in my role, especially in case of workload peaks. I feel comfortable in taking initiatives while respecting the airworthiness and safety of our mission. The constant communication flow between our team and our external partners, subcontractors is essential to make sure that we deliver solutions in a suitable way and on schedule assigned” – says Esra.

“We target our customer's needs and make sure we understand the problem in order to deliver the best possible solution for the aircrafts. We are in charge of the development of the manual to ensure high level of customer satisfaction, and this is where I enjoy my role the most. I consider my passion for communication and the fact of being a good listener two important aspects to succeed when dealing with customers service. Understanding their needs and finding the best possible solution to solve their problems makes me feel proud of what I do and strengthen my sense of belonging to the team where everyone can make the difference.”

Besides work Esra is passionate about cooking and travelling. She enjoys the opportunity to work in different countries and to meet people from all around the world.

Esra's career path at Airbus

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