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Meet Cristina

Meet Cristina

Head of Program Tankers and Derivatives

“Taking advantage of internal mobility allowed me to enjoy a cross-cultural experience living and working abroad and delivering in cross-functional environments."

Cristina, a native of Madrid, has a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Seville and an MBA in Madrid. She joined Airbus in Munich in 2001, where she worked in the design office of Airbus Helicopters. Airbus encourages internal mobility, and Cristina has held different positions in her 20-year career with Airbus, in different divisions and in different countries.

“Taking advantage of internal mobility allowed me to enjoy a cross-cultural experience living and working abroad and delivering in cross-functional environments. I feel privileged to work on truly exceptional teams, with amazing products and amazing people!”

Prior to working in Airbus Defence and Space in Getafe as the Head of Program Tankers and Derivatives, Cristina worked in engineering, manufacturing, industrial performance and improvement and programs.

In her job it is key to have our customers fully focused in the forefront of our mind, ensuring that we deliver a high-quality product aligned with customer’s expectations. And for that, we need to keep the focus on our people, working with the teams and sharing a deep sense of responsibility, towards the customers, our people, the environment, and the business, fulfilling our commitments and generating trust. As well, getting excited about what we do and challenging ourselves every day, seeking opportunities to learn and grow, projecting us together into a fascinating future, adapting to new technologies, digitalization and embracing future changes as they evolve.

“Last year was a challenging year, but I take pride that we are able to prove that as individuals, as a team and as a company we can overcome the situation by caring for each other and acting at all times with professionalism."

It is truly only in times of adversity that each show their true character and it is during this period that I am really proud to be a member of the Airbus family.” Her vision is best exemplified through a quote written about a great writer, Max Aub. On his grave it said simply “I did what I could”. These words are admirable because whilst simple in meaning they also show great depth and understanding of human emotion."

Cristina strongly believes that if each of us could say, sincerely, every day, “I did what I could”, we could together, as one team, achieve our dream, which is to preserve our future by making our company a reference point for excellence, and with humility and determination to become a benchmark, into the wider world of industry, and to further expand our international reputation. This will shape and preserve our future!

“My children were all born close to Airbus sites abroad. Two were born in Germany and one in France, so at home, we feel very international, very much like Airbus itself! When I am away from work I love nothing better than spending time with my family, I also enjoy travelling, the music, dancing, skating, sharing time with friends.”

Cristina's career path at Airbus

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