The number one priority of Airbus is the continued safe transport of everyone and everything that flies aboard an Airbus product. 

An important pillar of our safety culture are our employees in every team and in every function across Airbus. We created the Safety Promotion Centre to encourage a deeper personal engagement of our employees with safety and to cultivate an accident prevention mindset.

The Airbus Safety Promotion Centre is a dedicated space where the visitor is immersed in the safety lessons learnt and messages that show the evolution of flight safety, how we make safe aircraft, and the importance of working together to enhance safety. It is not only for people with technical or flight operations responsibilities. Safety is everyone's business and we all have a role to play.

Tim Roach, Head of Safety Promotion at Airbus


Although the focus is on Airbus commercial aircraft, the Safety Promotion Centre also makes reference to similar initiatives developed in Airbus Helicopters and Airbus Defence and Space.

View of the Airbus Safety Promotion Centre Chapter 1 wall installation

Chapter 1: Evolution of Flight Safety

At Airbus, we are committed to continuous improvement in flight safety. By learning from past accidents, we have helped to reduce the accident rate through the introduction of new technologies on each new generation of aircraft.

Investigating accidents is an important part of our commitment to safety, and we take our responsibility seriously in ensuring that our products and services meet the highest safety standards. We believe that the safety of a flight relies on a, "safe aircraft, safely operated, in a safe air transport system."

View of the Airbus Safety Promotion Centre Chapter 2 wall installation

Chapter 2: How We Make Safe Aircraft

Safety is our top priority at Airbus, and we believe that safety is everyone's responsibility. From design to manufacturing, from testing to operations, safety is part of every step in the life cycle of each aircraft we make.

We go beyond compliance with regulations to continuously enhance safety, and our employees are encouraged and empowered to identify their role in making safe aircraft. We believe that our most important asset is our people.

View of the Airbus Safety Promotion Centre Chapter 3 wall installation

Chapter 3: Working Together to Enhance Safety

Collaboration and information-sharing are key to preventing accidents and to further enhancing safety. 

At Airbus, we encourage all our employees to speak up about any safety or quality issues they encounter, and we expect that every team leader or manager listens and takes action.

We work with all actors across the air transport system to create a culture of safety that ensures the well-being of everyone who flies. We are committed to reporting and sharing safety data, because we understand that we can't fix what we don't know about.

An accident is the worst-case scenario that we need to avoid, because no accident is ever acceptable. This is why safety is, and always will be, our number one priority at Airbus. It is at the heart of our Airbus purpose and our Airbus safety vision:

Safety is the opposite of complacency. Safety is the result of all of the extra efforts we make to anticipate the risks or threats, and to prevent them becoming events that can cause harm. We constantly strive to enhance safety together in our quest to reach zero accidents.


Tim Roach, Head of Safety Promotion at Airbus

View of the Airbus Safety Promotion Centre entry into exhibition - Safety is everyone's business


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