Airbus Helicopters investigates accidents and incidents for the following rotary-wing aircraft types:

Airbus Helicopters, design responsibility and helicopters manufactured in France:

H120, H125/H125M/AS350/AS550/AS355/AS555, H130/EC130, AS365, H155, H160, H175, H215/H215M/AS332/AS532, H225/H225M, SA315, SA313/318, SA316/319, SA330, SA341/342

Airbus Helicopters Deutschland, design responsibility and helicopters manufactured in Germany:

BO105, BO105 LS, BK117 (A, B and C-1 versions), EC135 (all versions), EC635 (all versions), H135 (all versions), H135M (all versions), EC145 (BK117 C-2, BK117 C-2e), UH-72A (U.S. Army), H145, H145M (BK117 D-2 / BK117 D-2m, BK117 D-3 / D-3m)


To contact the Accident Investigation Team or to report an accident involving an Airbus Helicopters product, see the helicopters safety contact page