The highly capable replacement for the medium-weight and super-medium-weight helicopter categories

Troop transport & utility

  • Up to 16 troop seats
  • Long range without the need for additional fuel tanks 
  • Integrated fuel tanks eliminate restrictions inside the cabin
  • Fast and low-vibration flight
  • Day and night, all-weather capability
  • Fast ingress/egress
  • Ballistic protection and electronic warfare system
  • Two window-mounted machine guns 
  • Large cabin with direct access for cargo and equipment
  • 3,000-kg. payload (6,615 lb.)
  • Cargo sling (2,700 kg./5,952 lb.)


Special forces

  • Speed
  • Long range
  • Day & night, all-weather capability
  • Low vibration, enabling the optimum use of weaponry – especially for sniper fire
  • Ballistic protection
  • Fast roping on both sides
  • Rappelling on both sides
  • Hover GTC-H mode
  • Electro-optical system with an outstanding display representation in the cockpit
  • Electronic warfare system


Combat search & rescue (CSAR) and maritime security

  • Long range
  • Speed
  • Day & night, all-weather capability
  • Low vibration comfort 
  • Spacious cabin volume
  • Hover GTC-H mode
  • Hoisting
  • Unrivalled endurance that allows long search patterns
  • Full icing protection 
  • Emergency flotation system


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