Providing stability and support for the missions of the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) abroad is key, particularly in regions where the infrastructure for communications between deployment sites and the home base is unreliable.

In these scenarios, tap-proof satellite-based networks can be deployed quickly and reliably. They consist of sovereign communications satellites coupled with a variety of fixed and transportable ground stations and equipment for controlling and monitoring these networks.

For more than a decade now, Airbus has been the SATCOMBw Stage 2 prime contractor, responsible for the design, implementation and delivery of deployable systems, providing the Bundeswehr with perfect autonomy, security and absolute reliability for its satellite telecommunications.

SATCOMBw Stage 2 includes the in-orbit operation of the two military satellites COMSATBw 1 and COMSATBw 2 as well as of their teleport and associated networks. The satellites provide communication capacities in UHF and the X-band, plus additional capacity in the C- and Ku-bands, covering an area stretching from the Americas to Eastern Asia.

Airbus is continuously working with the Bundeswehr to improve and adapt SATCOMBw to meet changing requirements, both in daily operations and in defining future developments.

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