Commercial Aircraft figures


Check out our order and delivery summary at a glance in the table below (numbers valid at the end of July 2022).

For a full listing including details on customers and regions, as well as historical data for the previous year, go to the download section below.

  • July 2022 deliveries: 46 deliveries to 30 customers

  • July 2022 orders: 401 

  • 2022 deliveries to date: 343 deliveries to 62 customers in the year.

The net year to date delivery number of 341 reflects a reduction of 2 deliveries recorded in December 2021 (2 A350-900 AEROFLOT) for which a transfer was not possible due to international sanctions.

A220/A320 A330/A340/A350 A380 Total
Total orders 816 16997 3074 251 21537
Total deliveries 816 10624 2409 251 14140
Aircraft in fleet 283 9990 2153 240 12696

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Commercial Aircraft

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Global Market Forecast


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