This mobile app gives the flying public real-time information for safe, healthy and smooth end-to-end journeys.

Air travel has become ever more challenging for passengers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, any attempt to reconnect to air-travel is countered by a myriad of varied – and often rapidly-changing – restrictions, making planning for any potential air-traveller difficult.

To help simplify the situation, Airbus developed the Tripset application as its contribution to rebuilding clarity and trust when travelling. The app provides the latest and most relevant up-to-date information covering all aspects of flight, from planning, booking, check-in to conditions while onboard and at the destination.

This new digital experience is based on the award-winning iflyA380 travel app, with everything at the user's fingertips in a single application that is updated twice daily.


>> Download the Tripset app from Google Play and the AppStore.


Hassle-free access to the latest travel information

The Tripset app aggregates information from multiple sources, including guidelines from government websites and embassies on in-country conditions, region-by-region restrictions or requirements, along with health measures implemented by airlines and airports.
Another important feature is the border status of destinations around the globe: whether they are open, restricted or closed. Also included are suggestions for ground transportation at the points of departure and arrival, such as commuting options to and from airports.
All this information is provided in an agnostic manner; no matter the airport, airline, flight number or aircraft type…the app will take into account the full range of available inputs.


How to fly again soon

Once a flight is booked, the passenger can import the trip specifics into Tripset, which then builds a personal timeline using all available data on the end-to-end travel conditions.
The app continues to provide information – even prompting the passenger when it is time to go to the gate, based on information from the boarding pass.
To benefit from this latest example of Airbus innovation in action – and to get back in the sky with confidence – download the free-of-charge Tripset app for Android and iOS devices from Google Play and the AppStore.


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