Airbus is one of the most important names in the global security sector, with a wide range of land and maritime solutions that actively secure borders, nations, companies and critical infrastructure, as well as make the world’s oceans safer.

The company is responding to growing market demand for comprehensive situational awareness with actionable intelligence. In this regard, Airbus offers a clear competitive advantage thanks to its expertise across a multitude of domains – from manned and unmanned aircraft systems to cybersecuritysecure communications, satellite imagery and beyond. 


Airbus offers a clear competitive advantage thanks to its expertise across a multitude of domains.


With innovation in its DNA, Airbus constantly integrates new technologies into its extensive portfolio – many of which can make a significant difference in the security industry, which faces increasing threats from smuggling, industrial espionage and piracy, illegal entry, natural disasters and various attacks. 


New solutions for new and evolving threats

One such project is Styris, Airbus’ product family that implements and delivers turnkey systems covering the full spectrum of Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) from both safety and security perspectives. Typical applications are for Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), Coastal Surveillance Systems (CSS) and maritime Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) systems.

In addition, Airbus’ Actacor® product family serves the various operational needs of border (both land and maritime) and critical infrastructure security. The integrated products cover: surveillance platforms and systems, command and control, intelligence operations, information management, facility security, maintenance, repair and overhaul services, and training and simulation.

Another key programme is Zephyr, the world's leading solar-electric, stratospheric unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that will revolutionise security and defence missions all over the world. Zephyr – a High Altitude Pseudo Satellite (HAPS) – can fly for months at a time, running exclusively on solar power, above the weather and conventional air traffic. This fills a capability gap that complements satellites, UAVs and manned aircraft in providing persistent local satellite-like services.

Airbus also brings innovation to cybersecurity, applying artificial intelligence to enhance key solutions that protect governments, military, organisations and critical national infrastructure from cyber threats.



Security Solutions

Security Solutions

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