Munich, 17 December 2019 – The management of Airbus Defence and Space under the lead of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dirk Hoke today provided first information to start discussions with employee representatives in regards to potential measures to address cost structure and to boost the division’s long-term competitiveness and future positioning.  

“Our overall product portfolio supports our strategic ambition to shape future air and space power, especially in our European home countries where we capture top positions for most of the segments we operate in”, said Dirk Hoke, CEO of Airbus Defence and Space. “While the underlying business perspectives, especially in our core business, remain solid, our division has had to cope with unexpected headwinds over the last three years impacting order intake, EBIT and overall performance which could not be compensated through continuous improvement efforts. Our objective is to ensure the long-term competitiveness of our division and secure its future positioning.” 

The company will provide an update to its plans in due course and continue a constructive dialogue with employee representatives.


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