Ka-band satellite communications are latest air-to-ground link

Airbus Corporate Jets has won its first contracts to retrofit ACJ aircraft with Ka-band satellite communications – from Comlux and an undisclosed customer – paving the way for ACJ operators to have a faster and more capable internet access, via the latest technology. Both deals are for widebody aircraft.

Ka-band’s faster data-transfer opens the door to features such as real-time TV and audio and video-streaming at rates of up to 50 Mbits/sec.

To be Ka-band capable, aircraft need to be equipped with a larger antenna than used for today’s satellite communications, as well as the corresponding electronics.

This Ka-band solution has been specifically developed to meet Airbus corporate jet customers’ expectations and to be easily customised for all cabin arrangements.

The solution being offered will benefit from Airbus’ expertise, and will be implementable on all of the modern Airbus aircraft family being produced today, from the second half of 2016. It is available as a turnkey option by Airbus, as well as for third-party installation.

“Corporate jet customers for the ACJ320 Family, as well as VVIP widebodies, invariably request satellite communications - being connected is part of the ACJ Flying experience - and generally want to benefit from the latest personal devices, including tablets and mobile phones,” says Benoit Defforge, Managing Director, Airbus Corporate Jets. “We are quickly bringing to market an innovative approach that delivers faster and better internet access, via the latest Ka-band technology, complementing what we already provide in the cabin, which is the best comfort and space that money can buy,” he adds.

Airbus offers corporate jet customers and operators a network of technical advice, spares and training that spans the globe, around the clock, in support of Airbus’ more than 500 customers and operators.

More than 180 Airbus corporate jets are in service around the world, on every continent, including Antarctica.

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