Yesterday evening, February 18th, the Board of EADS interrupted its work on Power 8. The meeting will be resumed within the next days to find an agreement regarding the cross-national sharing of the industrial workload related to the A350 XWB. Consequently, the Airbus European Works Council ?ECA? meeting planned on February 20th has been postponed.  Louis Gallois, CEO of Airbus, underlined ?the need to very quickly find a solution that overcomes national issues. I made proposals which I deem balanced, both from an industrial and a technological point of view, and which serve our objective of economic competitiveness,? he said. ?I wish that they can lead to the consensus we urgently need. Airbus cannot delay any longer implementing Power 8. Quite naturally, employees are eager to know how the future of their Company together with their own future is being shaped?. Airbus is an EADS company.