Airbus announced orders and commitments for 280 airliners, which does not include undisclosed orders and commitments finalised during Le Bourget for 40 additional aircraft. The 280 orders and commitments are worth around $33.5 billion. They reaffirm Airbus? leadership of the airliner business and reflect an increasingly strong market recovery. The deals take commitments for Airbus? new A350 airliner to 125 - easily surpassing the company?s prediction that it would have triple-digit sales during the show ? with more expected in the coming days. They also included a new customer for the double-deck Airbus A380, Kingfisher Airlines of India. Customers in the Middle East and India made up the bulk of the orders and commitments, with Qatar Airways announcing it would acquire 60 Airbus A350s and start-up Indian carrier IndiGo accounting for the largest single deal, for 100 Airbus A320 Family aircraft. The full breakdown of announcements comprises ABC Aerolineas of Mexico for ten A320s, Air Cairo for six A318s, Air Caraïbes for two A330s, Leasing company ALAFCO for 12 A350s, leasing company GECAS for ten A350s, German Wings for 18 A319s, IndiGo for 100 A320 Family aircraft, Jet Airways for ten A330s, Kingfisher Airlines for five A330s, five A350s and five A380s, Qatar Airways for 60 A350s, TAM of Brazil for 20 A320 Family aircraft and eight A350s, Tiger Airways for eight A320s and an unannounced VIP customer for one A340-600, plus the 40 unannounced A320 Family aircraft. Airbus? success is founded on innovative design, which has given it the world?s most modern aircraft family in every category - from the 100-seat Airbus A318 all the way up to the world?s largest and newest airliner, the double-deck A380. Airbus is also unique in offering airlines a common cockpit in every single passenger aircraft that it produces today, which makes it easier and quicker for pilots to switch between aircraft types during their career ? while saving airlines time and money. Airbus has booked the most airliner orders in five out of the last six years and, for the third year running, is set to deliver the most aircraft. Airbus is an EADS joint Company with BAE Systems.