Calling future space scientists: the 2021 Moon Camp Challenge – organised by the Airbus Foundation and the European Space Agency (ESA), in partnership with software company Autodesk – is now underway. Each year, the competition invites students worldwide to imagine tomorrow’s functional lunar settlements with the help of 3D modelling tools.

Humanity has long dreamed about living on the Moon, but establishing a moon colony has yet to become reality. However, that could soon change with a little help from some bright young minds.

In this year’s contest, competing teams are once again asked to explore the complexities of defining a liveable community on the Moon. Participants will need to consider the following topics in their project:

●      Using local resources, such as lunar soil and water ice

●      Applying technological solutions, from power sources and food growth chambers to recycling systems

●      Creating living and working facilities that provide adequate protection from meteorites and radiation for at least two astronauts.

I’m certain the 2021 Moon Camp Challenge will bring many compelling new ideas from the next generation of designers.

Rachel Schroeder, Managing Director Airbus Foundation

This interdisciplinary project is divided into two categories, based on age group:

●      Intermediate (“Explorers): students up to and including 14 years old

●      Advanced (“Pioneers”): students from 15 to 18 years old

Both groups will use Autodesk’s 3D online modelling software to create their three-dimensional Moon camp models. “Explorers” will apply the Tinkercad design and coding app, while “Pioneers” will work with the higher-level Fusion 360 software. Participants can also benefit from access to Airbus Foundation workshops and ESA educational resources.

“We’ve already seen many creative designs as part of this annual competition, which underscores one of Airbus Foundation’s top-level priorities: youth development,” said Rachel Schroeder, Managing Director Airbus Foundation “I’m certain the 2021 Moon Camp Challenge will bring many compelling new ideas from the next generation of designers.”

An expert jury to evaluate the Moon camp designs

Participating teams should consist of two to six students, supported by a teacher or educator who will submit the entry. The deadline for Moon Camp Challenge submissions is 25 March 2021.

A jury composed of experts from ESA, Airbus Foundation and Autodesk will select the winning teams. Entries will be evaluated on the quality of the design, the accompanying report that explains the design choices, and the Moon camp’s overall habitability and functionality.

Winners will be announced in May and will receive 3D printers, as well as the opportunity to attend a webinar featuring an ESA astronaut.

For more information and full participation details, please visit the Moon Camp Challenge website: