ll eyes are on Seville this week as Europe makes important decisions for space.


This week sees Seville becoming a hive of space activity as Europe’s ministers gather to agree on new space programmes for the next three years.

To coincide with this, Airbus, as the leading space company in Europe, is showcasing all things space in the very heart of Seville.

Entering ‘Stellaris’, visitors will step into the world of space and learn the vital role it plays in our daily lives.  It’s clear that satellites help protect our planet – from keeping an eye on our most precious resources to enabling relief in the wake of disasters. It is also well known that satellites have improved weather forecasting – although perhaps not, that forecasting accuracy has increased by 27% since launch of the first Airbus-built MetOp satellite.

People would be lost without their satellite navigation systems. Satellites can reach parts of the world that are impossible to connect by terrestrial means: simply put, satellites are giving internet access to all.

And of course, only satellites can explore the wider universe and help further understanding of mankind’s origins.

Airbus’ space expertise makes all this possible: we bring the benefits of space down to Earth.