The basis of trust at Airbus is Reliability

Reliability means that every Airbus team member needs to deliver consistently, as every employee impacts on our quality standards. As Final Assembly Line Customer Manager Francisco Escanellas notes, “Reliability is a way of being, and the basis of trust”.

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In his role delivering aircraft, reliability is vital. He must not only guarantee every product meets the necessary checks and requirements during the aircraft delivery process, but that they truly excel.  Before his current role, Francisco worked in the customer services department, helping customers with daily queries. He credits this with teaching him how fundamentally important reliability is to build constructive relationships with the customer, and fix any issues. 

As with all our values, we are constantly working to strengthen reliability; it is a journey, not a destination. As part of this, Francisco is continuously looking for areas of improvement in the projects he delivers. Collectively, we take pride in our work, and want to ensure services and products are truly exceptional.

We hope you enjoyed this perspective on how reliability is embedded into Airbus. You can read more about all of our six values on the Values page.