Contest participants are challenged to identify sustainable concepts for space travel and off-world habitation

For Airbus’ robust presence at this week’s ILA Berlin air show, the strong tie-in to its space-related activities extends to new horizons with a focus on planetary exploration and the creation of life-sustaining environments far from planet Earth.

In partnership with industry-leading companies Air Liquide and Merck KGaA, Airbus is a sponsor of the Space Exploration Masters – a contest to identify technological and business concepts for space travel and logistics, including orbital or planetary fueling capabilities, as well as farming to provide food, water and air purification at remote destinations. Just as on Earth, resource sustainability is the key to long-term survival in space, with sustainable energy storage and recovery processes being crucial to enable long journeys and human habitats upon arrival.


Space Exploration Masters contest participants are to be judged on a mixture of their proposal’s level of innovation and viability, taking into account technological feasibility and risks.

Prizes include travel to the awards ceremony at the Space for Inspiration conference at Bilbao, Spain (in October 2018), the ability to receive technology and business support in fine-tuning the proposal pitches, and the opportunity to present the winning idea to venture capitalists at the Moon Economic Forum in Luxembourg (November 2018).

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