The smart analysis of helicopter data has become an essential part of customer business operations today. The Health & Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) – a fixture on many Airbus helicopter platforms and enriched by Helionix – generates a particularly rich amount of useful data that Airbus is now leveraging for the benefit of its customers.

As part of its ongoing journey towards improving customer satisfaction, the company has launched a new service called FlyScan to help customers analyse their helicopters’ HUMS data for insights related to the safety, maintenance, and operation of their fleet.

FlyScan proposes three levels of analytics services capable of supporting any type of mission or organisational profile:

  • Advise: This service level supports customer organisations already performing HUMS monitoring. HUMS experts from Airbus work in partnership with the customer to closely monitor the health parameters of their helicopters to better anticipate maintenance events. Feedback and recommendations are provided weekly.

  • Supervise: This service level supports customers without a HUMS expert in their organisation. Airbus manages the various thresholds implemented and closely monitors any event that occurs in the fleet. A simple and regular data transfer is all that is needed for Airbus to perform a thorough analysis of a customer’s aircraft records.

  • Guard: This service level supports operators already managing a HUMS system. Airbus brings its expertise to the customer’s doorstep, supporting teams in surveying their fleets. This package includes a specific HUMS hotline available 24/7, and commits to responding to AOG requests within a few hours.

  • These three service levels aim to maximize a customer’s operational efficiency through data analytics by enhancing flight safety, increasing fleet availability (decreasing by one the number of AOG events per aircraft per year), and reducing the maintenance burden by up to seven percent.

    FlyScan is part of Airbus' service offer, HCare Tehcnical Support, offering 24/7 technical support service, continuous airworthiness management and global technical assistance.

    Further information can be found in the HCare Services section of the Airbus Helicopters website.