Oliver Juckenhöfel (46) is taking over as the new Head of the Airbus space site in Bremen, with effect from 1 November 2016. At the same time, he is assuming responsibility for On-Orbit Services and Exploration. Bart Reijnen, whom he is replacing in both roles, is in turn taking charge of the Airbus subsidiary Satair Group.

Juckenhöfel will be responsible for all Airbus activities relating to the field of manned space flight and space exploration: all tasks connected with the operation and use of European ISS components, the European Service Module for the NASA Orion mission, space robotics, research in zero-gravity conditions and the development of future service spacecraft.

Bart Reijnen said: “A very exciting and eventful time for me in Bremen is coming to a close after three-and-a-half years. I am very proud and grateful to have expedited development of the site in partnership with colleagues and to have experienced many successful missions, such as the ATV or the launch of the Orion ESM programme. I am delighted to have a highly competent successor in Oliver Juckenhöfel. My wish for him is that he receives the same support that I have been lucky enough to have over the past years.”

Oliver Juckenhöfel said: “Leading the space site in Bremen has always been a special task. Manned space flight, robotics and on-orbit services are complex matters, and always require cooperation between different nations, sometimes even at a global level. The Bremen site has an excellent reputation, and our engineers’ expertise is valued worldwide. I am pleased and proud to be taking on this role.”

The Airbus space site in Bremen, with its workforce of around 1,000 people, is Europe’s industrial centre for manned space flight and upper-stage technology. The European Service Module for the new NASA Orion spacecraft is currently being assembled there. Some 500 highly qualified employees are working on it, and are also responsible for key European contributions to the International Space Station ISS, such as the Columbus space laboratory and operation of the European sections of the space station.

As well as this, about 500 staff at Airbus Safran Launchers (ASL) are building the upper stage of the European Ariane 5 launcher – ASL is the world market leader in commercial satellite transport – and are preparing development of the upper stage of the new Ariane 6.

Oliver Juckenhöfel has held various positions in the Group since 2008, and since 2013 has headed the European Service Module programme, a key component of the new NASA Orion misión.

Photo: Handing over the key: Bart Reijnen symbolically hands over the Bremen key to his successor Oliver Juckenhöfel.

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