• Reliable and Robust Operational Reconnaissance System at the leading edge of the technology

The use of mini tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has become an essential feature of land operations against adversaries that take advantage of their knowledge of the terrain. UAVs are now used systematically to protect forward bases, convoys and land operations.

Airbus Defence and Space and its UAV subsidiary Survey Copter are proposing a true Extended Range new mini UAS, the SkyGhost ER, a Mini-Drones Reconnaissance  System  (SMDR), with unique optimized operational features. Skyghost ER is the next step of the successful family of MINI UAVs manufactured by Airbus DS and SurveyCopter for France and the export market.

Thanks to its capacity to closely shadow military operations, along with its compact design ensuring projection and rapid deployment by a two-man crew, and its ease of operation and ruggedness, SkyGhost ER offers Armies an unrivalled contribution to air-land reconnaissance. Fully automatic with several back-up modes, the system can be deployed within 15 minutes over hot or cold climates, in flat terrain, mountainous areas or urban environments.

Equipped with 360 degrees visible and infra-red high resolution cameras as well as a laser designator integrated in a high precision stabilized plug and play turret, SkyGhost ER is powered by a low noise electric engine and benefits from extremely robust carbon fiber structures and specific shock absorbers for harsh landings. Following a pre-programmed and reconfigurable plan in the course of the mission, it flies entirely automatically, enabling the operator to fully concentrate on the reconnaissance assignment.

Its optimized technical features include a manoeuver range area of 30 kilometers with an endurance of more than 3 hours, day and night operational capability in severe weather conditions, a secure NATO data-link for real-time transmission, autonomous flight guidance and navigation as well as a fully digital multi format 3D-2D cartography.

Mini UAS systems provider for the French Forces for a decade, the Airbus Defence & Space mini UAS branch “SurveyCopter”, benefits from an unrivalled expertise, with the unique operational support of over 300 units in action over combat fields as diverse as Afghanistan, Africa or Middle East.