In serving one of the fastest-growing air transport regions worldwide, the Dubai-based Airbus Middle East organisation has seen a major growth in the numbers of Airbus-built jetliners flown by key operators throughout its area of responsibility. 
Airbus Middle East covers all aspects of the aircraft manufacturer’s business, including marketing, sales, contracts and customer relations. Also located in Dubai is a logistics and material centre, as well as a training facility. 
“Since our establishment of the Airbus Middle East office in 2006, we’ve become much closer to the customers, and it has contributed to our increased commercial successes,” explained Fouad Attar, the Managing Director for Airbus Middle East. 
In January, Airbus’ presence took another important step forward with Iran Air’s agreement to acquire 118 aircraft from all of the in-production jetliner families (A320, A330, A350 XWB and A380). Additionally, the Iranian air transportation infrastructure will be enhanced through a separate agreement to develop the country’s air navigation services – which will be achieved with assistance in airport and aircraft operations, harmonisation of its air regulations, training on the technical and academic levels, guidance in maintenance and repair operations, as well as industrial cooperation.
“It is a real honour to have the opportunity of taking a key role in modernising a nation’s infrastructure,” Attar added. “This underscores how Airbus is flexible, responsive and ready to build relationships.” 
He noted the overall coverage area of Airbus Middle East extends to countries such as Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and into North Africa. “We work with some of the world’s foremost airlines that are built on booming economies and great stability, as well as with carriers in countries that are less favoured,” Attar concluded. “The one constant is that all have populations that want to fly, and their airlines are keen to do business to make that happen.”