ANA Group has set its eyes on the future with its acquisition of three A380s, which will enable this Japanese carrier to meet increasing traffic demands to and from the country, while also providing a solution for capacity constraints.
The A380 is an ideal answer for generating sustainable growth from busy airports – including Japan’s Haneda and Narita – as the country is expected to reach 30 million foreign travellers by 2020. 
As an existing Airbus single-aisle operator, the ANA Group also will benefit from the A380’s capacity and efficiency, along with the Airbus concept of operational commonality across its product line of modern, market-leading jetliners.
With deliveries of the ANA Group’s three widebody A380s beginning in 2019, these aircraft will join the carrier’s single-aisle A320 Family jetliners, which were first ordered in 1987 and subsequently expanded with orders for both the A320ceo (current engine option) and A320neo (new engine option) series.
Best-in-class comfort with the A380
In addition to its benefits for airline operators’ bottom lines, the A380 provides passengers with an unrivalled experience aloft. The jetliner’s double-deck cabin offers superior space and comfort in all classes of service, and it continues to attract travellers – highlighted by its recent recognition as “best aircraft type” in a major passenger survey. 
The A380 is utilised today by a global operator base on more than 100 routes around the world. With some 180 A380s delivered to date, one of these Airbus 21st century flagship jetliners takes off or lands somewhere in the world every three minutes.