Airbus is a wonderful stage that fully respects diversity. It promotes us to share our ideas, discover different perspectives and new cultures, and developing beyond our limited vision. Airbus mobilizes & enables everyone to actively innovate, and at the same time spark our passion with abundantly broad innovation opportunities.

Lina joined Airbus China in May 2021 and it has been a fulfilling and exciting year for her. Upon joining the Airbus family, she led the team to implement the Airbus Tianjin 5G intelligent factory project and spent extra efforts getting internal and external exposure and recognition to attempt in the industrial world. The project was awarded the National Industrial Internet Pilot Demonstration and reported by People's Daily, the largest newspaper group in China. Her dedication has been fully recognized and Lina was awarded the Employee of the Year 2021. “I am very proud that I can work for a company like Airbus that values innovation in manufacturing and has infinite vitality. We have one mission to develop innovative applications for the intelligent industrial system of tomorrow and everyone here is driven and passionate to achieve it. There is no limitation in this big family and you can fully explore breakthroughs on your innovative path.” says Lina, who graduated from Tsinghua University with a Master Degree of Vehicle Engineering.

Lina appreciates Airbus emphasis on diversity as it has helped to drive and boost innovation. “The team comprises colleagues from different backgrounds. We have people from computing, artificial intelligence, mechanical and manufacturing. With diverse background, we get continuous new ideas and perspectives. My focus for the first ten years of my career was on vehicle engineering but I was selected to join Airbus China Innovation Centre (ACIC) and bring my professional expertise in design, manufacturing and management from automotive industry.”

As a project manager of manufacturing innovation, Lina is taking the lead to coordinate and execute the local innovation projects in cooperation with internal and external partners. It includes full cycle of testing, documentation, liaising with stakeholders, and ensuring proper planning and handover to operational business. With the objective to improve efficiency and safety on the shop floor, she also led the intelligent tool cabinet project for controlled tool management with FOD prevention and Computer vision for safety project for improved safety monitoring during delta pressure test. “Based on the aerospace expertise of Airbus and advantage of local ecosystem, here I can maximize my respective abilities and promote manufacturing innovation which makes me deeply fascinated by Airbus.”

Lina is thankful for the opportunities given to her in the first year with Airbus and being entrusted with innovation projects to explore intelligent solutions and pioneer sustainable aerospace. She shared her excitement for the limitless innovation in the years to come.

Project Manager at Airbus China Innovation Centre

Project Manager at Airbus China Innovation Centre

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